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"When  shadows, there is  light,

With light one can see the path,

With a path one is not lost

and if we are not lost

we can find JOY."


The Gift of a Lifetime


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“I believe in the kindness of humanity. I believe that our diversity is what makes this world interesting.

I consider myself an expanding artist because I believe we are always transforming. 

My work walks with me and changes with me.  In my art, I represent that trajectory through my walkers,

They are searchers of beautiful emotions; they are travelers of the universe and the world. They are catchers of dreams; they are explorers of aspirations, searchers of unity and of freedom. Asking always who are we? Where are we going? What are we looking for? What do we want? Who do we love? 

In my paintings I am trying to transport you to those places of my imagination where we are often find ourselves. I want to touch your soul, open your heart, and invite you to walk with me.”


Launching my


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