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MOONS AND SUNS of my MINI Walkers, are a unique collection of 13 cute little paintings framed. 

Every painting is unique and I produced each painting in demand, have under consideration that the walkers may not look exactly like the picture because I make them unique for each painting and that makes your little painting more original.



  • 13 PAINTINGS / $49.00 each painting

    You can buy one or as many as you want.

    Please let me know by writing me which number of the collection do you like. If you have any questions please text at 214-218-7733.

    Framed and signed.

    Digital Painting with sculpture Acrylics.


    BUY 3 GET ONE FREE: Use promo code LOVEONE 

    AND FOR 15% OFF: Use promo code LOVE


    Thank you!


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