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Artist Statement


“I believe in the kindness of humanity. I believe that our diversity is what makes this world interesting. I consider myself an expanding artist because I believe we are always transforming.  My work walks with me and changes with me.


In my paintings I am trying to transport you to those places of my imagination where we are often find ourselves. I want to touch your soul, open your heart, and invite you to walk with me.”


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    60 H x 60 W X 2.5 in

    Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas


    This painting was in my mind during the first 4 months of the pandemia. I felt very useless and powerless! How can I help and how can I embrace the pain of those who have lost someone they loved so dearly! For months I stared at the canvas and was not able to start the painting. I thought and had in my heart the people that lost someone. Those who lost a mother, a sister, a father. a son A DAUGHTER. How can I help you and how can I embrace your loss? In this painting I tried to create a beautiful paradise, a safe space. So I dedicate this painting to all the mothers that lost their child, to them I want them to know that we are light souls before we are born, and then when we go to heaven we become light souls! We become light in paradise, and light is everywhere, light filters even in the darkest corner, light is life, and even though is sad at the same time I painted this painting for you to know that your love ones are ok, that are with us in every single piece of light, in heaven, in our mornings in our sunsets, in your hearts. Painting dedicated to all of us humans to remind us that you will be ok and your love ones now angels are ok and beautiful souls of light!!


    Thank you for visiting my site.





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